Powerful Security for Web Hosting Environments


Atomicorp is the developer of industry leading solutions for the protection and support of cloud, virtual, shared, and dedicated web hosting environments. Atomicorp's core products include:


Atomic Secured Linux (ASL) – The industries only truly complete security solution for Linux web servers.

Atomicorp GotRoot ModSecurity Rules – The internet's oldest, most trusted, and most comprehensive ModSecurity rule set.

Atomic Web Application Firewall – ASL based reverse proxy software appliance.

Atomicorp Repository – Linux/MySQL/PHP archive utilized by over 1 million servers.

Atomicorp Nucleus Repository - Commercial archive providing PHP 5.3 and related legacy support packages.


As early pioneers in the cyber security industry and recognized experts in the field, the Atomicorp team, as part of its parent consulting firm, Prometheus Global, has been regularly relied upon to provide security solutions and expertise to high profile commercial enterprises and government agencies such as:


  US Nuclear Regulatory Commission The United Nations NASA
  Freddie Mac US Mint US House of Representatives
  US Veterans Administration US Federal Trade Commission US Department of Labor


With these security critical engagements, the Atomicorp/Prometheus team was faced with the need for a complete security solution for their clients; a need in which no product existed. From this, the Atomicorp flagship product, Atomic Secured Linux was born, building upon more than 10 years of research and development and more than 20 years of expertise in the field.

Today, Atomic Secured Linux is recognized as the only product of its type in existence and incorporates numerous exclusive security functions and methodologies.