Atomic Enterprise OSSEC

Extend OSSEC HIDS to Improve Security, Simplify Management and Streamline Compliance

Adds Enterprise Features such as Advanced File Integrity Monitoring (FIM), EDR capabilities, optimized SIEM, a Purpose-built OSSEC GUI, Commercial Support and More

Simplify Security Management

  • The only management GUI for OSSEC that enables easy, centralized control management of your complete OSSEC environment.
  • Manage all of your agents and rules enterprise-wide from one console or drill down to manage rules on individual agents.
  • Visualize all assets and manage and react to all events in real-time.
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Streamline Compliance

  • Real-time automated alerting and compliance enforcement ensures that systems are in compliance at all times.
  • Automates tasks associated with all major regulatory requirements including PCI DSS, HIPAA, GDPR, NIST, JSIG and more.
  • Comprehensive compliance reporting for risk management and governance.

Improve Security for Cloud, Hybrid and Private Environments

  • A powerful search capability quickly scours your system using any number of parameters enabling precise assessment and response.
  • Enhances file integrity monitoring in OSSEC allowing precise configuration, setting of base policies and creation of custom notifications.
  • Enables you to turn OSSEC into an Endpoint Detection and Response system with a fully automated playbook of activity.
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Quiet the "Noise" and Reduce SIEM Costs

  • Advanced filtering reduces the amount of data going into your SIEM by up to 80% with no fidelity degradation.
  • Improves the identification of true security events which leads to faster remediation.
  • Improves cyber analysts’ performance and productivity by significantly reducing the number of false positives.

Comparing OSSEC and Atomic Enterprise OSSEC


Feature OSSEC Atomic Enterprise OSSEC
Management Interface Command Line GUI
Real-time File Integrity Monitoring    
Rootkit Detection    
Configuration Management Rollback    
Agentless Monitoring    
Real-time Malware Protection    
Web Application Firewall    
System Hardening    
Upload Malware Scanner    
Vulnerability Scanner    
Rootkit Protection    
Memory Protection    
Virtual Patching    
Remote Log Retention    
Self-healing System    
Machine Learning    
Network IPS    
Advanced Cryptography    
One-step Automatic Key Set-up    
One-step Installation    
Integration with all Major SIEMS    
Threat Intelligence    
Remote Agent Upgrades    
Kernel Intrusion Protection    
Role Based Access Control (Management Interface)    
Integration with Cloudflare    
Integration with Amazon Glacier    
Report Generator    

Atomic Enterprise OSSEC Runs Anywhere

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