Atomic Enterprise OSSEC

The Commercially Enhanced Version of the OSSEC Intrusion Detection System

OSSEC is the world’s most popular open source host-based intrusion detection system used by tens of thousands of organizations. Atomicorp extends OSSEC with a management console (OSSEC GUI), advanced file integrity management (FIM), compliance auditing and reporting expert support and more.



Intrusion Detection

Detect anomalous behaviours on servers and cloud workloads.

File Integrity Monitoring

Validates integrity of operating systems and application files.

Log Management

Manage log events and route to SIEMs or other monitoring systems.

Active Response

Trigger alerts or other actions based on changes to systems or files.

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Atomic Enterprise OSSEC Extends the Power of OSSEC

Manage OSSEC Deployments at Scale, Improve Security and Compliance, and Get Support from the Experts.

OSSEC GUI and Management

Centrally manage all OSSEC agents and OSSEC rules in a single console.

OSSEC Compliance Reporting

Real-time OSSEC compliance reporting for major standards like PCI, HIPAA, and many others.

Expert OSSEC Support

Get expert support for OSSEC servers and agents as well as help developing OSSEC rules.

Comparing OSSEC and Atomic Enterprise OSSEC

Feature OSSEC Atomic Enterprise OSSEC
Management Interface Command Line GUI
Host-based Intrusion Detection, Log-based Intrusion Detection, File Integrity Monitoring, Rootkit Detection, Active Response    
Threat Intelligence    
Compliance Report (PCI, DISA, others)    
Expert Technical Support    
Graphical OSSEC Rule Manager    
OSSEC Rule Development Support    
Custom Alerts for File Integrity Monitoring    
Graphical Rollback Management    
Active Response Management    
Log & Alert Data Broker