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What is OSSEC and Why People Use It – Linux Security Podcast Ep. 7

OSSEC, which is short for open source security, was founded in 2004. It is an open source project for cybersecurity and delivers the most robust endpoint detection and response capabilities available to enterprises today. Scott Shinn, OSSEC project manager, in [...]

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Linux Security Podcast Ep 10 on SQL Injection Attacks

SQL Injection Attacks are a method for taking advantage of flaws in the way an application is written. In particular, they exploit vulnerabilities that offer direct access to datab [...]


Linux Security Podcast Ep 9 on CVEs Explained. What They Are and How They’re Used

The Common Vulnerabilities and Exposures (CVE) system is a critical tool for the cybersecurity industry. CVEs provide consistency in naming and clarity on the nature and impact of [...]


Linux Security Podcast Ep 8 on Efail Vulnerability and its Impact on Encrypted Email

The Efail vulnerability has been in the news and has many people rushing to remove encryption from their email clients. The vulnerability does impact S/MIME and PGP users, but only [...]


Linux Security Podcast EP 2 on File Integrity Monitoring

File Integrity Monitoring is designed to notify you when files have changed on a system. It was one of the very first security detection capabilities in existence and is almost as [...]


Episode 1: What is a Brute Force Attack?

A Brute Force Attack is one of the oldest cyber attacks. It was even featured in the 1980's thriller, War Games. In this episode, Mike Shinn walks through how a Brute Force Attack [...]


Episode 13: What are Red Teams and Why They Exist

Red Teams have become a common tool for testing enterprise security. They attempt to penetrate security defenses as if they were hackers. Red teams are motivated to be creative and [...]


Linux Security Podcast Ep 11 on Virtual Patching

Virtual patching is a way of implementing a security policy to eliminate or mitigate a vulnerability. It is not actually patching, but is a way to do something quick and external t [...]

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OSSEC Conference Video: File Integrity Monitoring and OSSEC

File Integrity Monitoring is the process of validating the integrity of operating system or application software files using a verification method based on the comparison of the cu [...]

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