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Atomic ModSecurity Rules: Remote-Edition (Monthly)

Atomic ModSecurity Rules: Remote-Edition (Monthly)
Atomic ModSecurity Rules is is a comprehensive set of web application firewall rules to shield against dozens of types of attacks including SQL injection, cross site scripting, web spam, and many more. Subscriptions include continuous updates to ensure constant protection. Remote edition (SecRemoteRules) loads the WAF policy over a network connection, and requires minimal local configuration. Available for Apache, NGINX, and IIS. If you need complete protection for your websites and 24/7/365 commercial support, Atomic ModSecurity Rules is available for only $22.50 per server per month. Bulk pricing is available for larger installations.Need it for proxy servers? Contact sales about our proxy version of Atomic ModSecurity Rules. Purchase of an Atomicorp ModSecurity rule license entitles the purchaser to access and download from the Atomicorp Repository to a single IP address within the time period of the license. A separate license is required for each dedicated server/host or VPS that the rule set is installed upon or is protecting. Free Trial for the first 14 days!
$22.50 per server per month. Bulk discounts available. Proxy version available. Email
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