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  • AtomicWP Workload Security (formerly known as ASL) Free 10-Day Trial
    Formally known as Atomic Secured Linux(tm) Atomic Workload Protection for Linux servers is a complete Linux security solution for your dedicated or virtual server. AWP combines security at all layers, from the kernel to the operating system to your applications. It does it all via combined intrusion prevention including web application layer fire-walling, mandatory access controls, kernel intrusion prevention, malware upload protections, and so much more!
    Free 10 Day, No Risk, No Obligation Trial
  • AtomicWP Workload Security (formerly known as ASL)
    AtomicWP provides comprehensive security and compliance for workloads running on servers or in the cloud. Features include intrusion detection, intrusion prevention, file integrity monitoring, memory protection and exploit prevention, an agent-based WAF, application control, and more. AtomicWP was formerly Atomic Secured Linux
    $315.00 per server per year
  • Atomic Modsecurity Rules (Yearly)
    Atomic Modsecurity Rules is is a comprehensive set of web application firewall rules to shield against dozens of types of attacks including SQL injection, cross site scripting, web spam, and many more. Subscriptions include continuous updates to ensure constant protection.
    $225 per server per year
  • Free feed for Atomicorp's delayed Web Application Firewall rules. This is a subset of our Advanced Web Application Firewall product, and includes the starter pack for a basic Web Application Firewall. This plan must be renewed yearly
    Free for one year
  • Atomic Enterprise OSSEC for 10 agents
    Atomic Enterprise OSSEC adds manageability, security, and compliance features to OSSEC, the world's most popular open source server intrusion detection system. Atomic Enterprise OSSEC provides intrusion detection, file integrity monitoring, log management, compliance reporting, and more. This will allow OSSEC to be installed on up to 10 systems per subscription. If you need quantities other than 10 please call us.
    $500.00 for each year
  • $50.00 for one year
  • Note: AEO, ASL, and AWP customers do not need to sign up for this. Access is already included in those subscriptions.
  • Alkemist:Repo Base Package by RunSafe
    Atomicorp has partnered with RunSafe Security to harden your system from memory based attacks. RunSafe has built a software transformation engine called Alkemist which immunizes code from these types of vulnerabilities. Alkemist can apply protections directly to your system’s infrastructure components and thereby render code reuse attacks inert. Atomicorp products have the ability to scan for systems vulnerable to these types of attacks. RunSafe makes available prehardened versions of these opensource IT infrastructure components through the Atomicorp platform. These hardened software instances can be deployed directly from Atomicorp products. Alkemist:Repo Base Package includes one (1) SSH client, one (1) Web Server, and one (1) Database Server.
    $52.00 per server per month

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