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When it comes to security having the right technology partner is a strategic part of our business. Luckily Atomicorp brings us peace of mind and lets us focus on what’s really important to our business.

John Quaglieri, CTO,

Atomicorp’s Secured Linux guarantees you a good nights sleep! A secured server minimizes the risk of involuntary night shifts.

Oscar Forsstrom decided to choose Atomicorp as a company for securing our cPanel installations since 2008. We are very happy because all plugins and all prevention systems are updated regularly. Many thanks for your well done job.

Roberto Santin, Owner,

Your product has helped us become the first secure hosting in Russia in the opinion of an independent research by an authoritative agency. For which many thanks to you!

Gushchin Dmitrii V., CEO, Optibit Ltd.

I have a hostmonster VPS which had become totally unusable because hostmonster does not have any firewall. After installing ASL my VPS is totally usable now. I have been using it 3 years now.

Gary Evensen

Since our founding, Secure64 has been focused on providing self-defending DNS products that require no additional protection. The new Secure64 x86 solutions feature a secure Linux kernel that completely eliminates entire classes of vulnerabilities, including buffer overflow attacks and remote code execution. This capability completely neutralizes 93% of critical and 90% of high impact Linux vulnerabilities, greatly reducing the need for customers to drop everything and patch. Additionally, all Secure64 DNS products have powerful built-in protection against high volume DDoS attacks. These security capabilities reduce total cost of ownership because no protective security appliances need to sit in front of our DNS servers.

Dr. Joseph Gersch, CTO, Secure64

As the owner of a web agency I make it a very high priority of mine to be sure that we have very secure web servers. It is one of many things that sets us apart from our competition. Our investment in AS/L has played a significant role in our rapid growth. Our direct competition has nothing like this level of security. Our small and medium business clients give us their full attention when we review our AS/L system that their mission critical website will be on. This statement may come back to bite me, but hey…here it is….AS/L is waaaay underpriced!

Peter Gerardi, OvaTek Web Solutions

We trust our server security to Atomic Secured Linux because it works. We’ve used it for years and it has been essential in keeping dark forces at bay. One of our clients hired a high-profile team to test the security of their site we built and host for them. The attacking team couldn’t even get started until we completely whitelisted all their IPs under Atomic Secured Linux :)We are a programming shop first and a value add hosting company for just our clients. Atomic Secured Linux means we don’t have to worry about a lot of the bad parts of the internet and allows us to focus on client services.

Julian Moffatt, Visual Lizard

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