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Linux Security Podcast

The Linux Security Podcast covers key concepts in security, reviews some of the latest exploits and discusses the tools enterprises use to detect, prevent and recover from cyber attacks. The show features insights from Mike Shinn, co-founder and CEO of Atomicorp, and Scott Shinn, co-founder and CTO of Atomicorp as well as PM for OSSEC. Scott was also chief network manager at the White House and interim CISO at the Department of the Interior earlier in his career. Mike contributed to the first intrusion detection device and was the first computer security analyst for the White House. He is also the author of the federal regulation for Cybersecurity Programs for Nuclear Facilities. The Shinn brothers have been working with Linux since before 1.0, been in computer security for 25 years and are the co-authors of Troubleshooting Linux Firewalls.

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Episode 13: What are Red Teams and Why They Exist

Episode 12: Why hackers hack. It’s not what you think

Episode 11: Virtual Patching

Episode 10: SQL Injection Attacks

Episode 9: CVEs Explained. What They Are and How They’re Used

Episode 8: Efail Vulnerability and its Impact on Encrypted Email

Episode 7: What is OSSEC & Why People Use It

Episode 6: What the Equifax Hack Tells Us About Cybersecurity

Episode 5: What is a WAF and How Are They Different from Firewalls

Episode 4: OSSEC, SIEM and Logging

Episode 3: Meltdown and Spectre Vulnerabilities

Episode 2: File Integrity Monitoring

Episode 1: What is a Brute Force Attack?