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Future of Everything Interviews CEO Mike Shinn on the Future of Cybersecurity

By Ava Mutchler

In a recent article, the Future of Everything interviewed CEO Mike Shinn and 30 other thought leaders to get their expert opinion on the future of cybersecurity. And more specifically, how the proliferation of IoT devices and the rise of cyber attacks will impact the industry. Shinn believes the best solution is to build secure IoT devices from the start:

“IoT will overtake everything else in connected devices and not only will be the most hacked stuff, it will continue to be the hardest to protect. This will turn cybersecurity on its head because security on all IoT is terrible, and totally opaque to users. It’s take it or leave it. You can’t harden the devices after the fact. You can’t even log into them. You just have to hope they are secure and your perimeter can stop all attacks.”

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