OSSEC Conference Video: File Integrity Monitoring and OSSEC

Posted on by cody woods

File Integrity Monitoring is the process of validating the integrity of operating system or application software files using a verification method based on the comparison of the current file state and a known good baseline. Dan Parriott is an OSSEC contributor who has been using the open source solution since 2006. He is a self-proclaimed […]

OSSEC, SIEM and Logging – Linux Security Podcast Ep. 4

Posted on by Charles Gold

Log-based intrusion detection was one of the earliest tools used to identify cybersecurity breaches. The software segment has evolved tremendously since the 1990’s and ultimately spawned the Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) category. Logging is important for at least two reasons. Engineers need to know what is going on so they can figure out […]

How OSSEC Logging Can Dramatically Reduce Your SIEM Costs

Posted on by Charles Gold

Mike Shinn is Atomicorp CEO. He took a few minutes to discuss logging, how it is used for cybersecurity and compliance and how OSSEC can be used reduce the volume of SIEM logs. At the upcoming OSSEC Conference Atomicorp CTO Scott Shinn will review how OSSEC can be used to filter log files to reduce […]