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We Make OSSEC Secure

Atomicorp has the expertise, experience & tools to ensure your OSSEC software is secure & configured properly.

The Skinny on OSSEC

OSSEC is an innovative, open source host-based intrusion detection system (HIDS) used by leading global companies ranging from Netflix and Facebook to Workday and Airbus. The solution is incredibly robust and flexible, but it is also complicated. We should know. Atomicorp CTO Scott Shinn is the official OSSEC open source project manager. While OSSEC is free to use, it can get expensive without expert help to configure or having purpose-built tools like a GUI to manage it. Atomicorp is addressing these issues for global companies today.

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Atomicorp Makes OSSEC More Powerful

You should know that OSSEC is a powerful engine for the collection of system data for analysis. However, OSSEC does nothing to provide security or to prevent attacks. Atomicorp provides you with a set of OSSEC specific add-ons such as a free and advanced security WAF that protect endpoints from both common and targeted attacks.

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In addition, we provide users with an OSSEC-specific GUI that enables you to more quickly analyze attacks, manage OSSEC and your agents and to take actions where needed. Unlike other dashboards that have been hacked together to work with OSSEC, ours was built from the ground up for OSSEC. We include not just the ability to see your events, but to manage the systems OSSEC is monitoring. This gives you true control over your security. Both of these solutions make OSSEC even more powerful and useful to any organization.

Security for OSSEC GUI for OSSEC

Extending OSSEC Features

OSSEC is composed of multiple pieces. It has a central manager for monitoring and receiving information from agents, syslog, databases, and from agentless devices. Atomicorp also incorporates the ELK (ElasticSearch, Logstash, Kibana) stack into OSSEC deployments to provide greater functionality for data queries and display. On top of this, Atomicorp provides a full management GUI to view log data, drill down into event details and simplify the configuration and maintenance of OSSEC deployments. We have built a significant portion of the OSSEC code base and used that expertise to add much needed functionality for enterprise users.

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Regulatory Compliance & Training

Atomicorp’s experts can configure your OSSEC installation to meet and comply with a number of regulatory and industry compliance programs such as PCI DSS, HIPPA, Sox, DoD, data retention and more. The platform is very robust and flexible but can be difficult to configure. Atomicorp knows how to properly configure all aspects of OSSEC to meet the always changing enterprise compliance requirements. We also provide OSSEC training to enhance the capabilities of your internal teams.

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Atomicorp is the leader in all things OSSEC which means we have the expertise, experience and tools to ensure your OSSEC software is deployed and configured properly and that you are getting exactly what you need from the installation. This also means we know how to make sure OSSEC works properly at scale, which is not a trivial challenge. Click the button below to learn more.

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