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Cyber Protection for Every Thing

What is your IoT security strategy? This is important for both enterprises that use IoT devices and the OEMs that manufacture them. Many enterprises expect OEMs to deliver IoT devices with robust embedded security, but most arrive with no protection at all. Atomic Secured IoT Kernel provides robust security for all Linux-based devices. It’s easy to deploy for OEMs or enterprise users and provides automatic protection from a wide range of cybersecurity vulnerabilities.

Why IoT Security is Important for Enterprises

Most enterprises are experiencing rapid IoT device growth. It is challenging enough to manage these assets, but securing them falls somewhere between an afterthought and an impossible dream. Most device OEMs assume that your security will provide protection. They are wrong. Putting IoT devices on a network behind a firewall is not enough. Once an intruder is inside your network, they can take over IoT devices to siphon off sensitive data, shut down critical operations or launch lateral attacks. Atomicorp enables enterprises to add security to their IoT devices even when OEMs don’t provide it. The Atomic Secured IoT Kernel footprint is small enough to reside on IoT devices, but still provides robust protection.

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Atomicorp Secure IoT Linux Kernels Features

Secure IoT Kernels from Atomicorp prevent entire classes of attacks from ever taking hold in your environment. They simply won’t run. The kernel prevents it. That is the break-in protection. We also have implemented break-out protection so that malicious programs can’t attack other devices on your network or move between IoT devices and spread harm.

The Atomicorp Secure IoT Kernel provides broad-based security including protection for:

Spectrum of Server Protection graph

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Why IoT Security is Important for OEMs

In many instances, enterprises are now expecting OEMs to provide security with IoT devices. Failure to do so can result in a lost sale or support nightmare. Security is also an opportunity for OEMs to create differentiation from competing products. Atomic Secured IoT Kernel can be added to your products along with the Linux OS. It has no more memory footprint than your standard Linux OS image and has an overhead impact of only 1-3%. It’s a powerful feature that proactively protects your customers from cyber attacks.

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Unmatched Protection, Unrivaled Convenience, Optimized for Performance

Atomicorp is well known for our unmatched Linux protection across a number of products. We are also known for implementing security packages that are easy to install and work automatically in the background. You can load your preferred Linux OS on IoT devices with Atomicorp’s secure kernel to provide automatic IoT protection. You don’t need to do anything. The protection is automatic. And, you won’t take a performance hit like you do with most security solutions. It is optimized to run efficiently with minimal overhead so you won’t notice a difference in performance, but will be protected. That’s a good day.

Don’t Be the Next Victim – Secure Your IoT Devices Today

Over a thousand companies already rely on Atomicorp to protect over 20,000 Linux-based devices. Atomic Secured IoT Kernel can protect a single IoT device or thousands. We’ve already addressed scalability. Don’t be the next victim of cyber crime. Harden your shell and secure your IoT devices today.

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