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  • Atomic Modsecurity Rules (Yearly)
    Atomic Modsecurity Rules is is a comprehensive set of web application firewall rules to shield against dozens of types of attacks including SQL injection, cross site scripting, web spam, and many more. Subscriptions include continuous updates to ensure constant protection.
    $225 per server per year. Bulk discounts available. Proxy version available. Email
  • Free Modsecurity Rules by Atomicorp
    Our Free ModSecurity Rules product gives you with basic protection from web attacks with a simple install. All it takes is a simple registration. Free feed for Atomicorp's delayed Web Application Firewall rules. This is a subset of our Atomic WAF product, and includes the starter pack for a basic Web Application Firewall.
    Free with Registration
  • OSSEC+
    OSSEC+ provides additional capabilities to the basic OSSEC version such as Machine Learning, Real Time Community Threat Sharing, 1000s of new rules, ELK stack, and PKI Encryption for those that simply register. The cost is still free but OSSEC+ does more!
    Free with Registration


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