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How Do You Protect Against 65 Billion Daily Attacks? Atomic Secured Linux.

By Bret Kinsella



Atomic Secured Linux (ASL) is the most widely distributed full-stack security solution for Linux servers today. Our customers withstand 65 billion daily attacks. This volume has become the norm because attackers have proliferated and many now employ automation. The only way to combat this escalation is to automate defense. That is why ASL includes everything from a secure kernel for your host Linux OS to intrusion detection and prevention systems and everything in between.

Linux Security for Hosting Providers, Enterprises and Midsize Businesses

In today’s video interview, Atomicorp CEO Mike Shinn discusses the current state of Linux security, his 20 years securing Linux systems and how to address the growing volume of cyber attacks. Hosting providers, enterprises and midsize businesses all adopt Atomic Secured Linux to automate their defenses, reduce the time spent troubleshooting security incidents and preventing those hard-to-detect attacks.


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