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Atomic Secured Plesk

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Atomicorp and Plesk have a long history going back more than a decade. The founders of Atomicorp, Mike and Scott Shinn co-founded and served on the board of Plesk, Inc. They later founded Atomicorp with the express intent of providing cybersecurity tools for the Plesk platform. The result was Atomic Secured Linux (ASL). Today Plesk and Atomicorp are working together by offering PCI-DSS level of security with one-click integration. Select the icons below or go to your Plesk interface to get Atomicorp products directly from the Plesk store.

We Make Plesk Secure

For years Plesk users have enjoyed Atomicorp’s Standard WAF Rules for Modsecurity as a free option with every installation. However, these rules only provide a basic level of protection from web attacks. Today Plesk users can deploy protection from targeted web attacks by implementing the Atomicorp Advanced Modsecurity Rules set.

If you need full server protection, from the kernel to the application layer, then you can add the Atomic Secured Linux (ASL) Plesk extension. It is complete server protection that includes a WAF, secure kernel, HIDS, HIPS, and other features such as brute force protection, malware detection, data theft prevention, anti-spam, zero day attack prevention and virtual real-time patching. You also get PCI-DSS, HIPPA, FedRAMP security compliance as part of the installation. Secure your Plesk system today with ASL!


Atomic Secured WAF Rules Standard

You get these free with every Plesk Installation.

Atomic Secured WAF Rules Advanced

This takes your WAF Protection up a level to deflect targeted attacks.

Atomic Secured Linux
Complete Server Protection

Everything in the Advanced WAF Rules plus full stack protection from the kernel to the application layer.


Atomicorp Delivers PCI-DSS Level Security

Atomic Secured Linux for Plesk solves today’s greatest cybersecurity challenges right out of the box. We offer three levels of security and everyone of them can be managed and used by an IT admin. You don’t need to be a security expert to use Atomicorp solutions, but you get enterprise quality automated security. We built it that way on purpose.


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