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Ubuntu and Debian

Easy Install

APT Automated Installation on Ubuntu and Debian


# Add Apt sources.lst
wget -q -O – | sudo bash
# Update apt data
sudo apt-get update
# Server
sudo apt-get install ossec-hids-server
# Agent
sudo apt-get install ossec-hids-agent



GPG / PGP key


Key Manual Download Link
Package Signing Key
Source Signing Key c


Before you install any package from our project, we recommend that you verify it using our PGP key. Follow these two steps if you are not used to using gpg. You first need to import our public key:


# wget
# gpg –import OSSEC-ARCHIVE-KEY.asc

And then verify each file against its signature:

ossec-test# gpg –verify file.asc

You should get the following result:

gpg: Signature made Tue 20 Dec 2016 11:35:58 AM EST using RSA key ID 2D8387B7
gpg: Good signature from “Scott R. Shinn <>”
Primary key fingerprint: B50F B194 7A0A E311 45D0 5FAD EE1B 0E6B 2D83 87B7


Note that the signing key was changed in December 2016. The previous signing key “6F11 9E06 487A AF17 C84C E48A 456B 17CF A390 1351” has expired. If you get an warning saying “gpg: Note: This key has expired!”, make sure to update the key and run the “import” command again (as specified above).

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