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OSSEC Downloads

Agent Windows

Latest Stable Release (2.9.2)   Checksum Signature
Agent Windows ossec-agent-win32-2.9.2.exe   GPG Windows


Virtual Appliances

Latest Stable Release (2.9.2)   Checksum Signature
Virtual Appliance ossec-vm-2.8.3.ovaREADME VA Checksum  


Docker Container

Latest Stable Release (2.9.2)   Checksum Signature
Docker Container atomicorp/ossec-docker    


RHEL, CentOS, Fedora and others

Available in the Atomicorp repository.

Easy Install


CentOS / Redhat / Amazon Linux atomic-release
el5 i386
el5 x86_64
el6 i386
el6 x86_64
el7 x86_64

Note: Amazon Linux users are recommended to use the EL6 x86_64 repository


Fedora atomic-release
fc24 x86_64
fc25 x86_64
fc26 x86_64
fc27 x86_64


Ubuntu and Debian

Easy Install Manual Install


12 (precise)
14 (trusty)
16 (xenial)


7 (wheezy)
8 (jessie)



Source Downloads

Latest Development Snapshots  
Server / Agent


Latest Stable Release (2.9.2)   Checksum Signature
Server / Agent Unix ossec-hids-2.9.2.tar.gzRelease Notes   GPG Unix


OSSEC Conference 2018 Presentation Slides

Presentation materials from OSSEC Project Team members and guest speaker from the OSSEC Conference 2018.


OSSEC 3.0.0 Preview

File Integrity Monitoring with OSSEC

Adding Elliptic Curve Cryptography (ECC) & NoiseSocket Cryptography to Your OSSEC Deployment


Other Presentation Slides

Several of the OSSEC Project Team members have presented at conferences. Here is a collection of materials from some of those presentations.


Atomic Enterprise OSSEC

Decoding AWS CloudTrail with OSSEC

Log Analysis Using OSSEC

Making the Most of OSSEC

Malware Detection with OSSEC

Open Source Security

OSSEC Active Response and Self Healing

OSSEC and OSSIM Unified Open Source Security

OSSEC at Scale

OSSEC Con 2012 Day 1

OSSEC Con 2012 Day 2

OSSEC Log Management with Elasticsearch

OSSEC PCI Solution 2.0


Contribute back!

If you find ossec useful and would like to contribute back to the community, please contact us. We have a lot of work to do and any help is appreciated.

Two Common Questions About OSSEC Feature Gaps

Scott Shinn, the open source project manager for OSSEC, answers the two most common questions concerning OSSEC.

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Add a GUI to OSSEC

The Atomicorp GUI for OSSEC enables you to quickly analyze attacks, manage the system and your agents so you can take action where needed.

Learn More

Add Security to Protect Your OSSEC Nodes

Protect your OSSEC instance and nodes from web attacks.

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