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Atomic OSSEC

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Atomic Enterprise OSSEC

 Simplify management, streamline compliance and improve security.

The only management interface for OSSEC that enables centralized management of your OSSEC environment.

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With real-time compliance enforcement and alerting. Automatically address over 100 PCI DSS 3.2 technical requirements plus audit mapping for HIPAA, NIST, GDPR and more.

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By providing a set of tools designed to make OSSEC intrinsically secure.

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By filtering data before it goes to the SIEM and discarding alerts that aren’t security related, you reduce costs, improve security and increase analyst’s productivity.

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Comparing OSSEC with Atomic Enterprise OSSEC 

Feature OSSEC Atomic Enterprise OSSEC
Mangement Interface Command Line GUI
Real-time File Integrity Monitoring
Rootkit Detection
Configuration Management Rollback
Agentless Monitoring
Real-time Malware Protection
Web Application Firewall
System Hardening
Upload Malware Scanner
Vulnerability Scanner
Rootkit Protection
Memory Protection
Virtual Patching
Remote Log Retention
Self-healing System
Machine Learning
Network IPS
Advanced Cryptography
One-step Automatic Key Set-up
One-step Installation
Integration with all Major SIEMS
Threat Intelligence
Remote Agent Upgrades
Kernel Intrusion Protection
Role Based Access Control (Management Interface)
Integration with Cloudflare
Integration with Amazon Glacier
Report Generator
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