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The First GUI Built for OSSEC

OSSEC is a great tool set, but it is sorely lacking when it comes to a management UI. The command line interface is effective if you are an expert in OSSEC, but can be difficult for both novice and experienced users. Atomicorp developed a purpose-built GUI for OSSEC to meet several common enterprise needs including: log and event visualization, event detail analysis and investigation, and system configuration and maintenance. OSSEC offers a great set of foundational tools that the Atomicorp OSSEC GUI makes more powerful and easier to use.



Visualize All Of Your OSSEC Events OSSEC by default is a command line tool. Atomicorp’s GUI was specifically designed and built for OSSEC allowing you to see, react and manage events in real-time on your systems.
Search All Of Your OSSEC Events Atomicorp provides you with a lightweight but powerful search mechanism that allows you to quickly scour the system using a long list of parameters. This allows you to precisely get to and make adjustments to any event on your system.
Manage All of Your Agent Systems Centrally manage all of your agents and rules with our GUI. You can even drill down and manage rules on individual agent systems.
File Integrity Management Interface Provides a management interface for the File Integrity Monitoring system. Configure what you want to monitor, add, delete, update or even ignore changes. Our Interface also allows users to set base policies and create custom notifications for system events.

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Atomicorp OSSEC Specific EDR Atomicorp allows you to turn OSSEC into an Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR) system giving you a fully-automated playbook.
Long-term Archiving Includes a built-in log archive management system for long-term storage solutions like Amazon Glacier and Simple Storage (S3) service, Microsoft Azure or any storage array you like.
Meets Security Compliance Regulations Atomicorp’s GUI for OSSEC is turn-key when it comes to meeting security compliance regulations including HIPPA, PCI DSS, SOX, DoD and more.


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