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A New Path to File Integrity Monitoring

A Better and Less Expensive FIM Approach

File Integrity Monitoring (FIM) was one of the very first cybersecurity tools. It was the first to provide indicators of compromise recording files changes and alterations. Change alerts provide enhanced visibility to systems administrators. The capability enables them to investigate changes and determine if an attacker has gained entry into their enterprise systems. Passwords and firewalls keep hackers out while FIM alerts you when hackers are inside.

Over time, FIM has become integrated into a host of industry standards both explicitly and implicitly including PCI DSS, FISMA, and NERC-CIP. In addition, FIM has key features required for HIPPA and SOX compliance. OSSEC is an open source enterprise detection and response (EDR) solution that has offered FIM capabilities for more than a decade. PCI and HIPAA compliance along with Atomic Secured OSSEC’s broad feature set beyond FIM are key drivers for OSSEC adoption today.


Enterprise FIM That Works at Scale

Atomic Secured OSSEC is a powerful engine for monitoring, alerting and response that tracks and captures system file changes. In addition, another key requirement for enterprises using FIM is that it can scale to monitor millions of files distributed across tens of thousands of systems and can integrate across the entire enterprise. Atomic Secured OSSEC was designed to scale and integrate easily into existing infrastructures. Not only does it monitor millions of files in real time, it also saves and dates file copies for non-repudiation and reversion to protect against loss. 

How Atomicorp Can Help

Atomicorp can provide a turnkey solution for organizations that would like to employ OSSEC and FIM for PCI DSS or HIPAA compliance in addition to filling other security gaps. We are working today with global retailers, media companies and medical device manufacturers to provide robust FIM implementations using Atomic Secured OSSEC. We are the OSSEC experts and can assist you with FIM configuration, deployment, security and support. Atomicorp’s CTO, Scott Shinn, runs the OSSEC open source project so we can ensure you’re getting all of the latest updates to the software as well as robust customizations.

Compliance Has Never Been More Affordable

Atomic Secured OSSEC enhances FIM and completes the technical circle for PCI, HIPAA and GDPR compliance requirements. Full stack protection and a complete suite of security tools wrap the open source software and inexpensively fulfill a large set of the technical requirements (click here to see fulfilled PCI mapped regulations). We have installations worldwide and make it possible for you to take advantage of economies of scale bringing the costs for deployment down considerably. Check with us today and see just how affordable compliance can be. 

Getting Started is Easy

Atomicorp’s specific expertise in FIM dates back to the early 1990’s. We have the experience and tools to ensure your OSSEC FIM solution is deployed and configured properly and that you are getting exactly what you need from the installation.


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