Cpanel Beta now Available
Written by Scott Shinn   
Tuesday, 08 March 2011 10:45

Among other developments in the 3.0 branch is our initial foray into support for cpanel. As long time users have known, ASL has supported just about every CP (Plesk, Interworx, DirectAdmin, even Ensim) out there except the all-source builds like cpanel.


We've managed to assemble a mostly RPM based ASL distribution for Cpanel systems, with the sole exception of mod_security. It still might be possible to get that into an RPM format as a long term goal, which is important for tracking updates on the system. As of right now we could really use the feedback from the cpanel community on what the installation & configuration experience is like, if you'd like to participate you can run the beta installer here:


wget -q -O - |sh


Ultimately this will merge with the standard ASL installer, for development purposes it is being maintained separately. You will need a valid ASL subscription (Trial subscription is OK!)  in order set up the Cpanel beta on your system.


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