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[asl-2.0] Clamav 0.97.1

This is a minor maintenance release for the ClamAV scanner. This package is also duplicated to the atomic repo. Changelog * libclamav/c++/llvm/lib/Target/X86/ bb #2 [...]

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[asl-2.0] psa-proftpd 1.3.3d-1

Changelog Bug 3522 - Error when handling SSH DISCONNECT messages with no language tag. Bug 3525 - Default syslog logging causes logging to the wrong syslog facilities. Bug 3528 - [...]

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[asl-2.0] mod_security 2.5.13-2

This update is only necessary if you are using mod_security from the atomic channel. Changelog: Bugfix #XXX, bumped the Release on the asl-2.0 package to force an update. Users of [...]

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[asl-2.0] mod_security 2.5.13

This is a minor bug and feature update. It is duplicated to both the ASL-2.0 and Atomic Repos. Changelog Remove the ability to use a relative path to a piped audit logger (i.e. ml [...]

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[asl-2.0] Clamav 0.96.5

This update is duplicated in both the [asl-2.0]  and [atomic] channels. Changelog: * libclamav/pdf.c: fix crashes (bb #2358, bb #2380, bb #2396).  Thanks to Arkadiusz Mis [...]

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[asl-2.0] asl-php 5.2.14

This is a minor bugfix update to the asl-php package used by ASL Web.   Changelog: Reverted bug fix #49521 (PDO fetchObject sets values before calling constructor). (Felipe) Upda [...]

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[asl-2.0] Clamav 0.96.4

This update corrects an issue reading specially formatted pdf files. Prior versions would exit without scanning, potentially leading to an issue where pdf files could not be scanne [...]

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