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Atomic Accelerator – 0.1 (a prototype)

The first prototype for our HTTP acceleration project is out and about in the [asl-2.0-testing] channel. This is an attempt at building acceleration tech into apache using one of t [...]


[asl-2.0-testing] Clamav 0.96

Our internal naming convention will show this package as clamav-0.96-0.1. The "rc1" tag is dropped from the version field to make upgrades to later versions seamless. (Wow... reall [...]


[asl-2.0-testing] ASL 2.2.5-0.3

More updates relating to the new template code for psmon, ossec, and denyhosts. The biggest change here is that denyhosts is no longer in active response mode, OSSEC will be doing [...]


ASL 2.2.5-0.1 Test build

The first cut of ASL 2.2.5 is out in [asl-2.0-testing]. Initially I had planned to make this build all about the new dazuko module for the 2.6.32.x series kernels, but as we all kn [...]


psa-proftpd 1.3.3

The first cut of psa-proftpd is now up, in addition to the standard version update structurally this package has changed around a bit. Internally it looks like the SFTP code has ch [...]


[atomic] PHP 5.2.13-1

This update covers PHP, PHP-Eaccelerator, Suhosin, and PHP-Sqlite2. Due to the security nature of this update it is recommended that this be applied as soon as possible. Security F [...]

Atomic Yum Repository

[atomic] atop 1.23-8

An advanced interactive monitor for Linux-systems to view the load on system-level and process-level. The command atop has some major advantages compared to other performance-monit [...]

Atomic Yum Repository

[atomic] GeoIP 1.4.7-0.1

GeoIP is a C library that enables the user to find the country that any IP address or hostname originates from. It uses a file based database that is accurate as of March 2003. Thi [...]

Atomic Yum Repository

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