ASL 3.0.5 Maintenance Update PDF Print E-mail
Written by Scott Shinn   
Tuesday, 09 August 2011 08:34

- Added the first version of the ASL Stats package, a command line statistics generator for external applications
- Added debug output to rule validation routines
- Added whitelist suppor to mod_evasive
- Added paging t the Rule Manager
- Updated Blacklist ruleset to load before INPUT
- Updated psa_check to allow clamav to be disabled in psa-proftpd
- Updated configuration to retain settings from the last time it was run.
- Updated rule update events to force a reload of the dashboard
- Feature Request #317 , add remote database support to database-setup
- Bugfix #460 , correctly detect when safe_mode is enabled even if it is disabled in config
- Bugfix #635, delete update file if it already exists on a -uf force upgrade event
- Bugfix #XXX, ASL Web Rule Manager, fixed a conditionwhere the rule manager would not update the policy
- Bugfix #XXX, ASL Web Blocklist retrevial fix

To Upgrade:
yum upgrade asl asl-web


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