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Complete Security for Linux Servers

Get advanced automation protection with Atomic Secured Linux.

Cyber Protection for Everyone

Don’t be a sitting duck. Cyber attacks are more sophisticated than ever. The cloud has rapidly expanded your risk. There are more ways for attackers to get in. That means firewalls and endpoint security are not enough. You need full stack protection from the application down to the kernel. Atomic Secured Linux (ASL) not only provides the highest quality protection, it’s also easy to use and doesn’t require dedicated security staff to configure.

Making Powerful Protection Easy to Administer

For too long, security solutions have been built by experts, for experts. That means you required deep security knowledge to get value out of the solutions. There are too many examples to count where an devastating attack first landed because a security admin mis-configured the set-up. This plagues enterprises still today and the complexity of security solutions makes them untenable for most mid-sized businesses. Atomicorp built a comprehensive layered security solution that provides top notch protection in a single package that can work for security experts and non-experts alike.

The Answer Isn’t More Protection, It’s Better Protection.

Complexity has other challenges beyond configuration mistakes. Over the years cybersecurity solutions have become so specialized so that you need to have several, sometimes dozens of packages, to protect your infrastructure. However, this creates other issues where firewall, rules, intrusion prevention, intrusion detection and other services can actually work against each other and create new vulnerabilities. Atomicorp addressed that growing problem by delivering a single, integrated security stack for Linux servers. All of the components work together automatically. It was designed that way.

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One Simple Solution, One Secure Server, or Many

Atomic Secured Linux (ASL) solves today’s greatest cybersecurity challenges right out of the box and automates security across the entire Linux server stack. Atomicorp users are already protected from many of the new critical vulnerabilities you hear about in the news each week. With ASL you can have the same level of protection that typically requires a team of security experts, all wrapped up into a single application. It is easy to use, easy to implement and easy to afford.

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