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Don’t Be the Next Victim.

Secure Your Docker Containers

Containers are Vulnerable

Have you ever thought about security for Docker containers? Few developers or application managers have. Docker may be more efficient than virtual servers, but its strengths turn out to be weaknesses when it comes to cybersecurity. We built Atomicorp Secure Docker Kernels to prevent break-ins and break-outs.

Why Docker Security is Important Now

Docker container security is a new topic and it’s getting attention. Docker security didn’t matter when containers were primarily used in development environments. However, a recent survey by 451 Research found that 14% of large enterprises are using Docker in production and the number is likely much higher for mid-sized and tech focused businesses. When platforms go into production, the risks increase. This is where security discussions come in because Docker containers have many vulnerabilities. Atomicorp provides automated protection so you don’t need to do anything other than add a secure OS image that includes a hardened Atomicorp Kernel. Your applications automatically become more secure, and you won’t need to mitigate many of their vulnerabilities.

Standard Protections from Atomicorp’s Secure Linux Kernels

Secure Docker Kernels from Atomicorp prevent entire classes of attacks from ever taking hold in your environment. They simply won’t run. The kernel prevents it. That is the break-in protection. We also have implemented break-out protection so that malicious programs can’t move between containers and spread harm.

The Docker architecture means that every container inherits the vulnerabilities of its OS and kernel instance. That is a problem given that Linux OS variants have security holes as do the kernel which wasn’t designed for protection. The upside is a secure Linux kernel is also inherited by all of the containers making protection efficient and always available because it originates bottom-up. The Atomicorp Secure Docker Kernel provides broad container security including protection for:

Spectrum of Server Protection graph

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Unmatched Protection, Unrivaled Convenience, Optimized for Performance

Atomicorp is well known for our unmatched Linux protection across a number of products. We are also known for implementing security packages that are easy to install and work automatically in the background. You can load your Ubuntu or CentOS Linux OS with Atomicorp’s secure kernel and it provides protection automatically. You don’t need to do anything. And, you won’t take a performance hit like you do with most container scanning solutions. It is optimized to run efficiently with minimal overhead. You won’t notice a difference in performance, but will be protected. That’s what I’m talkin’ about.

Don’t Be the Next Victim – Secure Your Docker Containers Now

Over a thousand companies already rely on Atomicorp to protect over 20,000 Linux servers and devices. Our first deployment of the Atomic Secure Linux Kernel for Docker was on a 100 server cluster for a Fortune 500 company. It will work on a single instance or thousands. We’ve already addressed scalability. Don’t be the next victim of cyber crime. Harden your shell and secure your Docker containers today.

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